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Our company since has gone into production, has established strict also the perfect product quality guarantee system, has the professional quality testing personnel, the craft supervisor with the comprehensive implementation computer scientific style management. various working procedures all carries on omni-directionally, the entire process monitoring management to each product. Implements the whole staff to participate in the quality monitoring, after guarantees each product to leave the plant does not have the quality question. Our company product post-sale service work is responsible directly by the molding sale personnel, and provides the technical support by the technical department.

The service pledged that:

In proper amount according to the nature delivery, the product quality strictly according to the national standard GB5237-2008 each technical specification request execution production, leaves the plant to each batch the product basis to examine □the data on time to write up the quality written guarantee.

like appears some technical questions in the use process, our company after receives the notice, will give the reply in the first time. if will need our company specialized staff to the scene cooperation, our company all positively will coordinate, to give, the careful solution thoroughly.

if appears the quality objection customer to have the suit phenomenon, our company in line with the customer supreme principle, the prompt communication, properly will process.

Service measure:

Each sales personnel to sells the product all to have carries on the post-sale service the duty, our company has formulated the product post-sale various departments' responsibility and the quality remedial treatment specially for this.

1. The sale branch is responsible promptly to feed back the customer suit opinion the company, the company formulates the solution and the service measure changes to the production department, the implementation post-sale service work. quality testing department is responsible the quality testing and the surveillance work, but the production department, the technical department basis solution, and enters coordinate processing.

2. The prompt collection customer feedback product information, according to the customer opinion, verifies the situation analysis reason, proposed the solution, satisfies under the customer request in the guarantee, solves the problem by the quickest speed.

3. If because of the damage which the product quality question but creates, our company is responsible for the free replacement. if because other reasons create the product quality question, consults the solution by both sides.

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