In 2009

Foshan Jin Huahai aluminum industry co., LTD., was formally established, we are located in sanshui district, foshan city, guangdong pearl river delta hinterland, our equipment leading domestic, international synchronization, trying to make each user in the use of our products have better quality assurance!

In 2010

Foshan Jinhuahai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has prepared IS09001 International Quality Management System Certification Enterprise. It uses management efficiency, quality management and production system to serve customers.

In 2011

 Jinhuahai Aluminum Industry held its first dealer meeting. At the meeting, we discussed the development strategy of the enterprise, planned the brand strategy, integrated marketing communication through the brand campaign, and promoted the all-round development and upgrading of the enterprise.。

In 2012

Jinhuahai never forgot its first intention and moved forward. After several years of continuous efforts, Jinhuahai won the top 50 enterprises in Sanshui Industrial Park.

In 2013

Jinhuahai took part in Pazhou Door and Window Curtain Wall Exhibition in Guangzhou, which made Hongmei a famous brand in the domestic market. It has gained a lot, so as to better lock in the future development and find a breakthrough direction.

In 2014

Jinhuahai participated in several national aluminum building materials exhibitions, comprehensively pushing products to the global market, laying a good foundation for becoming an internationally competitive aluminum profile enterprise.

In 2015

the company will re-reform, adjust its internal structure, comprehensively implement it, and upgrade its product quality to a new level, so as to reap a new high sales volume!

In 2016

New era, a new starting point! New journey, new future! Foshan Jin Huahai aluminum industry co., LTD officially upgraded to guangdong Jin Huahai aluminum industry co., LTD., is a whole new side of open a new chapter since then!

In 2017

Hongmei Aluminum Material stood out among the well-known industrial products and won the title of "Guangdong Brand Products". Hongmei Aluminum has won wide recognition and trust from all walks of life by virtue of its strong brand influence, industry leading market share, professional and perfect service system and good customer reputation. It's a real honor to be awarded this honor!

In 2018

it won the title of "Guangdong Province" for building insulation aluminium alloy profiles again.

In 2019

Jinhuahai ushered in the 10th anniversary milestone. Ten years of confidence is your eternal concern and help for Jinhuahai.

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